NACS Youth Clubhouse


Our mission is to serve any Native American youth ages (13-18yrs) in Erie & Niagara Counties, who are in recovery from or at-risk of developing a substance use disorder. The clubhouse will provide and promote a safe and welcoming community-based, non-clinical approach, which is culturally appropriate, trauma-informed and a substance free environment guided by our Good Mind Principles. 


The NACS Clubhouse will provide safety, recovery, well-being and positive mental, physical and spiritual growth through programming based on Haudenosaunee/Native principles to any urban Native youth in Erie County and Niagara County in order to promote long-term health and wellness.  

Youth clubhouse programming will follow 5 components to enhance the overall well-being of Native youth, through culture we know that providing activities will stimulate the growth in individuals spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physical. The well-rounded programming will assist in the long-term recovery stages as well as a preventative measure. The following are some examples of programming:

1-    Recreation and pro-social- movie night, pool table game, Xbox fun, paint night, etc.

2-    Educational- building portfolios for employment, college or scholarship opportunities, homework assistance, SAT prep, guidance, STEM activities.

3-    Evidence based/ research informed& Best Practices– Teen Intervene, “SPORT”, Good Mind Principles, Cultural Competency training and others.

4-    Skill building– personal and recovery-oriented goals, cooking, goal setting, leadership opportunities.

5-    Culture- cultural teachings promoting health & wellness – dancing, singing, arts, crafts, sharing circle, story-telling. Personal fitness, yoga, meditation, workouts, outdoor activities and much more.

Our values are guided by the Good Mind Principles emphasizing:

·      Respect                                                

·      Generosity

·      Self-determination

·      Community


Shannon Hill

Youth Services Coordinator

(716) 874-4460

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