Workforce Development Program

Services provided to eligible Native Americans
The NACS Workforce Development Program is committed to assisting tribal members in finding meaningful jobs through counseling, education and training, as well as small business development and technical assistance to achieve economic self-sufficiency and improve quality of life. The services we provide include:
  • Case Management related to workforce activities.
  • Assistance in identifying barriers to employment.
  • Career counseling/exploration.
  • Job search and placement assistance.
  • 6-week Work Experience program.
  • Interviewing preparation.
  • Occupational skills training/Skills upgrade.
  • On-the-job training.
  • Test Assessing Secondary Completion  (TASC) classes—formerly GED.
  • Educational resources and information.
  • Tuition Assistance.
  • Entrepreneurial/Small business technical assistance training information.
  • Referrals to SEASONS Program.
  • Follow-up services.
  • Referral and linkage services.
  • Status Card/Tribal documentation assistance.
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