NACS Wraparound Services

Wraparound Mission and Vision

Community Connections of New York assist organizations to build capacity to access relevant information, and promotes informed decision-making and workable solutions that demonstrably impact human service delivery and outcomes. As a solution-focused group we work collaboratively to provide monitoring and oversight of community-based programs, cost-effective evaluation, and quality improvement outcomes, processes and impact.


We are moving toward a future where individuals and organizations will have, and will be using, the tools and knowledge that lead to better choices and decisions ­– leading to measurably improved service delivery quality and access, greater cost–effectiveness, improved health, and enhanced quality of life.

Core Values


With meaningful information telling cogent stories, people can understand alternatives, gain direction, and create momentum and making better choices and decisions that impact the quality and health communities.


No one person creates change; multiple perspectives and energy towards a common goal generates and sustains change. It is impossible to understand community strengths and needs without the inclusion of all stakeholder voices.


Whatever the risk, we believe the path to positive and sustainable change requires an unwavering commitment to truthfulness and transparency of intent.

With, not for

It is always better to work with clients to help them understand their issues an then transfer the tools and skills so that in the future they can control their own outcomes.