Cultural Activities

Native American Cultural Activities
  •      Teachings of the “Good Mind”
  •      Haudenosaunee Social Dances
  •      Native Arts & Crafts Instruction
  •      Community Networking & Info Sharing

This includes a wide range of program activities, with each having some discussion about living with a Good Mind.  Some of the activities in the first year of the AOR project include wisdom keepers who shared Native storytelling, traditional teachings of various Haudenosaunee ceremonies, having a positive Native identity living in an urban, city environment, and the importance of healthy nutritional choices for having a Good Mind.  Many of the events have featured Native teachings involving making beadwork, traditional Corn Break, among other activities.

The AOR Project has also conducted Haudenosaunee social dances in November 2016 and March 2017 in both Niagara and Erie County.  Many of these have been held in conjunction with other organizations, colleges, and/or community members.  Social dances are one popular activity for community members across the life span to come together and either dance or watch as the Stomp Dance, Old Moccasin Dance, Women’s Shuffle Dance, and Duck Dance (among many others) are offered during these events enjoyed by all ages.