Cultural Competency Training

Check out some of our Cultural Competency Trainings for 2018! 
Native American Cultural Competency Training
  •      Specialized for Organization Requests
  •      Understanding of Inter-generational Issues as Impacted by Historical Traumas
  •      Models of Cultural Competency to Work More Effectively with Native People

The training series on Native American Cultural Competency presents some helpful insights into traditional Native American cultures, many of which are different than mainstream American perspectives.  Concepts such as the Creation Story, founding of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and Great Law of Peace, the importance of thinking of the Seventh Generation, and ancestral connections to Turtle Island are discussed.  Most, if not all, of these teachings can help provide a solid foundation for people to live a good, healthy life, using a “Good Mind.”

The AOR training series also discusses the many historical and related factors that have negatively impacted the health and wellbeing of many Native communities, while also explains how so many Native people may not speak their own languages fluently or may be experiencing some very challenging health or related impediments.  Historical traumas and recommendations for greater understanding are presented so that more efforts to support Native communities can be more effective in engaging people and providing culturally-grounded services. 

The training series covers a wide variety of topics and sessions can be tailored for organizations, groups, and communities.  All training sessions through “All Our Relations” are free.

In addition to the trainings held at NACS, the “All Our Relations” Project can conduct focused trainings for organizations, service clubs, schools, and just about any other group, upon request.  We can tailor cultural competency trainings to fit a wide range of audiences and services.  Please contact Pete Hill, “All Our Relations” Project Director at or 716-874-2797, exr. 348.